Next Mushkil Gusha Gathering - July 19

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Please join us for four Mushkil Gusha gatherings in July - anyone can participate via their computer, mobile device or landline telephone!

For those unfamiliar with Mushkil Gusha, please check out the story and a few words about the story from Rhondell and Christine, by clicking here.

Gatherings will take place on the Zoom platform.  To learn more, please see FAQs below.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a private company headquartered in San Jose, California that provides an online platform for video and audio conferencing - one may use their mobile device, desktop or land line telephone to participate in conferences/meetings.


How does Harmony Workshop use Zoom?

We are using Zoom to facilitate Thursday Mushkil Gusha gatherings.  


Do I need to have an account with Zoom to participate in Thursday gatherings?

No.  To participate in a gathering, one only need to click the web link or call one of the listed telephone numbers (see schedule below).


If I participate in video conferencing, will other participants be able to see me? 

Only if you choose to be seen - by clicking the 'Start Video' or 'Stop Video' icon (which resides in the lower left corner of the Zoom window) you may choose whether or not you are seen.


If I participate from my smart phone, will I need to download the Zoom app?

Yes - search for Zoom Cloud Meetings.


If I participate via telephone, is that a toll-free call?



Mushkil Gusha Gathering Schedule

July 19

4:00 pm (PDT), Meeting ID: 474 644 439 - click or call (408) 638 0968 or (646) 876 9923 or (669) 900 6833

7:30 pm (PDT), Meeting ID: 152 934 616 - click or call (669) 900 6833 or (408) 638 0968 or (646) 876 9923


July 26

4:00 pm (PDT), Meeting ID: 932 496 339 - click or call (408) 638 0968 or (646) 876 9923 or (669) 900 6833

7:30 pm (PDT), Meeting ID: 166 161 649 - click or call (669) 900 6833 or (408) 638 0968 or (646) 876 9923