A map can tell you what's what and what's where, and it can imply a destination (but really the destination is an inference ... yours, if you want to make it).  Many people have deep questions about the meaning of life, about their true nature, about the chaos around us, and the harmony that is sometimes apparent, too.  Rhondell has made a map that is very simple to read, and most especially, to verify.  It contains ancient wisdom, done up for us in a thoroughly modern way, appropriate to this time, place and circumstance, and very simple to follow (if not always easy).  None of it is to be believed - every signpost can be checked out for yourself, and it is essential that you do.  The "legend" of the map is quite explicit:  It lists the four questions of mankind; the map shows you how to find the answers:  What am I?  Where am I?  What's going on here? What can I do?  Among other things, the map has a Picture of Man - a picture of you and me and everyone else.  It has a description of the four forces of creativity, a description of the process of disease, and how all these things are part of a Universal Law of Balancing, which is occurring at all times.  It is recommended that you try to find situations where the principles do not apply ... or, go to Work trying to disprove them.  A wise old man said:  Uncover the error and the truth will emerge.

Welcome to The Science of Man.  If you Work with the material rather than just read it, gratifying experience awaits you.