Please find below a few words about Harmony Workshop's Founders, who brought ancient wisdom and timeless teachings into the 20th and 21st centuries for those questioning the purpose of living:

Rhondell was born in Kentucky in 1916.  He was a great Teacher and Friend who presented the secrets of Life and Living in the simplest form possible.  He always said, "It's the contents that matter, not the container," and did what he could to avoid a cult of the personality; to him this was a garment one wore and discarded -- which he did in December 1994.

Around 1978, Christine attended some Science of Man classes and from the first day of class, proceeded to work with the material every day, up to and including the day she left the party in July 2010.  Before Rhondell left the party in 1994, she accepted his invitation to carry on and build upon his Work as a Teacher.  She promised to keep the Picture of Man available to the world and she also made a public contribution to share what she had learned, which took the form of writing newsletters and creating Sanity Island Second Life, both mediums demonstrating the practical use of the Teaching.